Foreclosure Defense Lawyers to help save your home or commercial property.

Read below regarding our monthly payment plan! DON’T FALL FOR THE MONTHLY PLANS WITH A NEVER ENDING CAP ON LEGAL FEES. Our Foreclosure Defense Lawyers will set up a FLAT FEE for our clients and work with them on a monthly payment basis to make our foreclosure defense services affordable for anyone’s budget. You will not pay more than the Flat Fee we discussed unless other legal services are required. PLEASE watch out for Foreclosure Defense Attorneys who charge monthly fees with no cap on fees. Some foreclosure lawsuits can take a year or more to resolve (whether positively or negatively) and as such you will probably pay monthly for years well exceeding the Flat Fee method that the Foreclosure Defense Lawyers at Katz & Associates Law Firm will offer you. More Importantly, BE CAREFUL OF ANYONE (Foreclosure Lawyers or otherwise) CLAIMING TO GET YOU A LOAN MODIFICATION OR SHORT SALE WITHOUT ACTUALLY DEFENDING THE FORECLOSURE LAWSUIT. You MUST defend the foreclosure action at the same time attempting to resolve the foreclosure. Failure to defend the foreclosure action could very well cost you your home or property.

Foreclosure Lawyers to Save your homeWe, as Americans are facing tough economic and financial times. Due to the declining economy the Foreclosure Defense Lawyers at Katz & Associates Law Firm have recently decided to help our fellow Americans by making our legal services more affordable. Everyone’s situation is different; however, depending on your case matter and in order to help you, we now offer a monthly payment plan for our foreclosure defense, short sale, loan modification, deed in lieu services. Call us now to set up a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, CONSULTATION at our Treasure Coast, Stuart, Florida Office. We handle all of Florida. We are ready to fight for you and your family!


When a foreclosure is filed against you and/or your family there are choices which exist. You need a foreclosure defense lawyer who really understands the foreclosure process. Make sure to choose a foreclosure defense law firm with actual foreclosure defense lawyers experienced in the foreclosure process and foreclosure defense attorneys who are knowledgeable with what foreclosure defenses exist in foreclosure lawsuits. The Foreclosure Defense Lawyers at Katz & Associates Law Firm is that law firm for you. We have been doing Real Estate Law since we opened our doors to the Law Firm. Please know that there are resolves to foreclosure problems such as short sale, deed in lieu, loan modification, refinance and short refinancing, forbearance, and last resort bankruptcy protection. The Foreclosure Defense Lawyers at Katz & Associates Law Firm can assist you in attempting to obtain a LOAN MODIFICATION (where you can get the bank to change your mortgage and/or loan agreement in order for you to KEEP YOUR HOME and make it more affordable). IF you do not want your home or property our foreclosure defense lawyers can help arrange for a deed in lieu of foreclosure or a short sale. IF you are already have a foreclosure case and/or lis pendens filed against you, you can still get a loan modification, short sale deed in lieu, and many other solutions available. You do not need to have a pending foreclosure case against you to obtain a loan modification, short sale, deed in lieu or other avoidance of foreclosure options. Please do not wait to get advice from a foreclosure defense lawyer. Contact us now for a free consultation.

A BANK AND/OR HOLDER OF THE NOTE MUST WIN THE FORECLOSURE CASE AGAINST YOU IN ORDER TO FORECLOSE ON YOUR PROPERTY. YOU CAN FIGHT AND DEFEND THE FORECLOSURE LAWSUIT TO STOP THE FORECLOSURE! THE BANK, HOLDER OF THE NOTE OR SERVICER CANNOT TAKE YOUR HOME OR PROPERTY WITHOUT FIRST WINNING A FORECLOSURE CASE AGAINST YOU. One thing to remember is that many times the Bank suing you may not be the correct party attempting to foreclose on you, leaving it open for another Bank to sue you later for the same debt. You have options in the foreclosure process – SO LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW.


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1) When served with a lis pendens and/or summons [that is the foreclosure lawsuit] you have 20 days from the day you RECEIVE the lis pendens and/or summons to answer it [KEEP A COPY OF THIS];
2) PLEASE DO NOT SEND A LETTER TO THE COURT – it will be considered an answer to the Court and depending on what you write it will help the Bank’s foreclosure case against you – making it easier for them
3) GET A FORECLOSURE DEFENSE LAWYER IMMEDIATELY THAT UNDERSTANDS THE FORECLOSURE DEFENSE AND SETTLEMENT PROCESS to answer the lis pendens / summons for you. [do not get a lawyer JUST to handle the defense and not settlement – make sure your foreclosure lawyer will handle both!!!]. Just defending a foreclosure lawsuit and not attempting settlement it can result in several problems. And just attempting to settle a foreclosure case against you without defending the foreclosure action will result in problems. Get a foreclosure defense lawyer to DO BOTH! Do not let someone convince you they can do one without the other.
4) In most cases there exists foreclosure defenses and foreclosure options to the foreclosure case against you.
5) Whether your goal is to keep the home/property or to relieve the financial problems associated with the foreclosure – in most cases you have options.
6) In most cases, the Court will most likely order mediation to resolve the foreclosure lawsuit.
7) Do not think that because you are sent modification applications or other paperwork from the Bank that this will stop the foreclosure lawsuit!!! Many clients are told the Bank will stop the foreclosure process – this is not the truth. This is a fatal mistake that will cost you your home or property. IF someone from the bank says that the loan modification papers will stop the foreclosure do not trust this! Get a foreclosure defense lawyer immediately! Contact a Foreclosure Defense Lawyer at Katz & Associates Law Firm to help you. We will give you a free consultation to go over your foreclosure defense options and possible exit strategies that exist.

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Katz & Associates Law Firm represents foreclosure defense law clients for residential homes and for commercial properties throughout the State of Florida including the cities of Stuart, Palm City, Martin County, Saint Lucie County, Port St Lucie, Fort Pierce, Hobe Sound, Jupiter, PGA, Treasure Coast, Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Weston, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Carol City, Cooper City, Coral Gables, Coral Springs, Davie, Deerfield Beach, Delray Beach, Hialeah, Hollywood, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Miramar, Oakland Park, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Springs, Pompano Beach, Rivera Beach, Kendall, Doral, Miami Gardens, Pembroke Pines, North Miami, Hallandale, Plantation, Homestead, Orlando, Winter Park, Aventura, and all surrounding areas.