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Business Succession Planning

We are business succession planning attorneys in the Treasure Coast, Stuart Florida, serving business owners in Saint Lucie, Indian River, Martin, and Palm Beach Counties.  Let our business succession planning attorneys help you

We will help you put together the proper business succession plan suiting your needs and goals.  Katz & Associates and its business succession planning attorneys are experienced in business law, estate planning, amongst other related areas.  As a result, we have the know-how to develop and implement all types of plans for our business clients. 

Our succession attorneys are ready to guide you whether you are coming to see us for succession related to retirement, liquidity, disability, or changes in management.  Consquently, we will assist you to help preserve the value of your businesses through the business succession process.  Let Katz & Associates Law Firm and its business succession planning lawyers help you obtain the legal insights for peace of mind. 

Our business succession planning team has much experience in this area.  Our team includes expert wealth managers, financial planners, accountants, management consultants, investment brokers, residential and commercial real estate brokers, tax advisors, M&A advisors, commercial lenders, and other types of business experts and advisors.  In other words, we are ready to help you with the business succession plan meeting your actual wishes.

What is Business Succession Planning?

business succession planning attorneys

Well, much like estate planning, Business Succession Planning is necessary for many of the same reasons. 

You worked hard to create a successful company.   For example, what happens down the road when you wish to retire? Furthermore, how about when there occurs unforeseen or foreseeable issues, or when you pass away? What is your plan? In other words, do you have one?

Consequently, a Business Sucession Plan answers those tough questions with proven strategies including, but not limited to, implementing generational transfers, ESOPs, third-party sales, buy sell agreements, and third-party management buyouts.  Above all, our business succession lawyers will guide you and your business partners through the difficult decisions related to your business transitions.

What can our Business Succession Lawyers and team do for you?

The following are some of the services our business success lawyers will assist you with:

  • Preserve and Protect the value of your businesses leaving a legacy behind.
  • Complete a true and fair valuation of your businesses for proper business succession planning.
  • Help develop best practices to maintain profitability and enhance value of your companies.
  • Complete a full analyis of your businesses to better prepare for uncontrollable events such as death, disability, and economic downturns.
  • Develop strategies to lower your financial risks both in your businesses and personally.
  • Develop proper exit planning strategies meeting and/or exceeding your goals. 
  • Drafting and negotiating business succession contracts and other related documents.
  • Collaborate with our team members and/or associates to help implement appropriate financial planning, tax planning, and retirement planning.
  • Assist you and others with compliance with all legal requirements.

Business Succession Attorneys plan for tomorrow

Most importantly, when you meet with us, you will benefit from the guidance of our business succession planning attorneys.  Contact us now for a free consultation regarding your business succession planning needs now.  We want to help you and your business to be ready for tomorrow.

We are conveniently located in Stuart, Florida, and serve the entire State of Florida. Contact us at our Stuart Florida office at (772) 933-5289 or fill out our contact form on this page.


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