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What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning LawyersWhile you are meeting with one of our Estate Planning Lawyers in Stuart and Palm Beach, Florida we will help you with your Estate Plan and Wealth Preservation [click link for more information on Wealth Preservation].  What is an Estate Plan or Estate Planning?  First and foremost, it is important to understand that whether you have many assets or little assets you still have an Estate and should commence with Estate Planning before its too late.  It is important to note, your estate includes everything you own such as your house, your car, real estate, bank accounts, life insurance, and personal property.   Consequently, no matter how old you are, no one knows when they will die or have a grave illness but you can be certain it will eventually happen.   Moreover, when you pass someday, and I hope it’s long into your old age, you cannot take your possessions or money with you.  Therefore, please contact one of our Estate Planning Lawyers in one of our Treasure Coast or Palm Beach County offices.  We have Estate Planning Lawyers in Stuart and Palm Beach, Florida ready to sit down with you.

What happens to your assets? Some Questions to consider:

First of all, what will happen to your assets – your Estate?  What do you wish to have happen to your house or real estate when you pass? Do you want to leave some money to charity?  In addition, do you want to make sure certain people inherit certain items or particular money.  Consider whether you want your assets divided up a certain way? Moreover, what happens to your business you worked many years at growing? What are your wishes? If you were to pass, who is to pay for your funeral?  If you were to be hospitalized and cannot speak for yourself, who will make important health decisions for you?  Almost all these questions and more need to be discussed to create a proper Estate Plan and Wealth Preservation. Therefore, make an appointment to sit down with one of our Estate Planning Lawyers in Stuart or Palm Beach to help you answer these questions.

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Please do not put off preparing YOUR Estate Plan!

Some of the questions posed above are difficult for some to consider and most people do not want to think about it at all.  However, not thinking about your Estate Plan or putting off Estate Planning is a dangerous course of action to take.  In fact, not doing an estate plan will most likely leave an issue for your family or others.  And one thing is for certain, not doing an estate plan could probably end up costing your heirs and/or beneficiary much more costs, expenses and headaches.  Consequently, an Estate Plan answers all these questions. Therefore, once you come up with an estate plan you can have peace of mind.  We have Wills, Trusts & Estate attorneys that can assist you in putting together the Estate Plan that fits your desires and wishes – and for an affordable price.  We have Treasure Coast Estate Planning attorneys and Palm Beach Estate Planning attorneys conveniently located in our Palm Beach and Stuart, Florida locations.

What is included in your final Estate Plan?

Generally, your Estate Plan will include documents such as your Last Will & Testament, Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, Trusts and other related estate plan instruments tailored to your specific situation.  We look forward to sitting with you to assist you with Wealth Preservation and Estate Plan.  Contact us now for a no obligation consulation.

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