Remote Legal Services

Florida Lawyers offering Remote Legal Services 

remote legal servicesLooking for Remote Legal Services or Legal Services Online?  Due to the issues our Country is facing, we have implemented new ways for you to connect with our lawyers remotely. 

We are a full service law firm now offering our clients a remote and virtual experience.  ALL ONLINE…

If you are looking for an attorney to service your needs we are available to schedule remote consultations and all other remote legal services.

 We can still handle all legal services you need without you ever coming into the office.  However, if you still require to come to the office, we can still accomodate you.  We have policies in place to protect you.


How the Remote Legal Services process works:

For the potential client wishing to discuss a legal matter online we utilize video conferencing software.  You will be able to virtually meet with one of our attorneys through your computer or your mobile device.  If you wish to see our attorneys face to face you can using the video conferencing system.  However, if you wish to discuss your legal matter over the phone instead we can do that just like usual.  We will walk you through this very simple process so we can still meet all your legal needs.

Online Legal Services


From the comfort of your home or office we will be speaking to you live from our law office or remotely in other locations. You can do this by video or just audio.  The choice is yours.


 You will be able to talk with and see one of our experienced lawyers online about your specific legal matters. We still will be able to provide you legal insights for peace of mind.


We will ask you to email us any necessary documents prior, if any, so we can review them with you during the video conference.  If you are unable to scan and email documents we can assist you with this service.


Our law firm is also equipped to notarize documents remotely without you having to come to our office.  Schedule a call with us now to have a first initial phone call with our firm.  You will find a link at the very top of this page to schedule the call.