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Business Lawyers for all your business transaction needs

business lawyersFirst of all, when hiring business attorneys or business lawyers for your company or business idea chose a lawyer who has experience handling business matters. Consequently, Katz & Associates Law Firm and its business lawyers have that experience. Our business lawyers are conveniently located on the Treasure Coast with offices in Stuart, Florida, and West Palm Beach, Florida. 

Most of all, our business attorneys will advise you on the choice of business entity such as whether to use a corporate, partnership entity or limited liability entity formation.  In addition, Katz & Associates’ business attorneys are well versed on all relevant local, state, and federal law compliance issues concerning your business. As such, The Law Firm and its business lawyers are experienced to negotiate and draft several different types of complex contracts and other legal agreements necessary in operating any business. 

Consequently, our contracts and business agreements are designed to protect the client’s interests, including operating agreements, security and loan agreements, promissory notes, personal guarantees, shareholder agreements, licensing agreements, employment and consulting agreements and merger/asset/stock purchase agreements.

Business Lawyers assisting you with Entity Formation and Business Consulting

business lawyersIt is important to note, there is no one size fits all answer to choosing a business entity for your new business venture.  Also, one must analyze several considerations before choosing the proper business entity form from the list of  possibilities (such as LLC, C or S Corporation, LLP, etc.).  Therefore, having a business lawyer that understands your long term goals and your business is necessary in making the proper choice of the business entity.  To go over these considerations, call or email us now by filling out our contact form below.  We look forward to providing you “Legal Insight for Peace of Mind”.


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Katz & Associates Law Firm has business lawyers in the Treasure Coast and Palm Beach County [with offices in Stuart, Florida, and West Palm Beach, Florida] who handle the following other business law services [our business lawyer service all Florida]:

  • Drafting Contracts
  • Negotiating Contracts
  • Buy Agreements / Sell Agreements
  • NCND’s [Non-compete & Nondisclosure Agreement]
  • Corporate Entity Formation [LLC, Incorporation, Partnerships]
  • Operating Agreements / Partnership Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Contract review
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Plans

Katz & Associates Law Firm’s Business Lawyers – Handling all your business needs with “Legal Insight for Peace of mind…”

Contact us now to discuss your legal and business needs. Katz & Associates Law Firm and its’ business attorneys are ready to serve you and your business.  Let us help you set up your business and assist you in your successful business endeavors.


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